Kit JM

Visual Facilitation, Illustration and Animation

I specialise in visual communication, be they corporate policies, complex theories or comical thoughts.

Visual Facilitation [on hold due to the pandemic]

Visual facilitation - also known as 'visual minuting' and 'scribing' - is the practice of creating a visual record of an event, done live. The result are visual notes which blend words and pictures to capture the feeling of the event. This practice is great for conferences, meetings and seminars.


I have created illustrations for magazines, personal projects and individuals. I am always open to new projects and keen to try new styles.


I have always loved animation, both as a creator and a consumer.


I love drawing comics. I have a couple of ongoing projects, and also create one-offs. The comic style is, I believe, a fantastic means of communication. It informs my other work, especially visual facilitation.